Consultation – Doing it Right 

All companies have a sales team and POStech are no different.  Without sales the business ceases to exist and all companies need this to survive.  With this said without fixing a problem we are simply selling for the sake of selling and this is where consultation matters.


Our consultants (not sales people) are trained to listen to the Hotel, Bar or Restaurant to help identify areas for improvement.  Our job is to let you tell us the problems you face and our job is to see if we have as solution that fixes this need.  Hospitality is complex with need for menu management, table management, kitchen management, labour, inventory and more.  If we sold you our entire Oracle POS systems at the one time you could easily be overwhelmed and we would over sell what is required.


Instead you tell us, we know we can handle all the above and the important part is to get the basics right.  Can you take and order, can you produce it and can the staff us it easily.  In getting the base right with your help and by listening to you we can then work on the other avenues you need as your business need grows.  Remember we all want to sell something but the best fit is when all agree that the offer made by consulting with you matches the Actual need of Your Business.   We sometimes forget you know your business and you need to MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) our job is to see if there is a way to do it better.


Nobody wants a sales person turning up uninvited but in a true partnership a consultative approach where we are given the chance to look at your business with and for you we are certain there are areas we can help with.


This can seem like the obvious but if we look at all our businesses we are all in sales our job is not to sell you but to help you sell more with Technology.  Feel free to consult with us and book an audit at no cost to you from POStech.


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