The Most Cost-Effective POS Product on the Market?


Running a busy café or restaurant is, by nature, a messy business that can incur a whole variety of stresses that aren’t easily solvable by good management alone. It can be a group of customers wishing to split their bill and the new staff member nervously struggling to complete the transaction. At the very worst, it could be a system malfunction that causes your entire POS system to fail – causing delays and leaving very dissatisfied customers in its wake.

If any of those scenarios are making you cringe, then you’ve probably experienced them before or at least something similar.

Now imagine if you never had to worry about that again, and imagine if the solution was the most easily accessible POS system on the market today - available to you for €95 + vat per week upon an initial deposit of 50% of the total value of €8,960.

The Oracle Simphony POS streamlines your service capabilities so that once stressful scenarios are remedied effortlessly and to a standard that has made it a staple in some of the world’s most popular bars, restaurants, and hotels.

The system earned its reputation for reliability due to the efficient and sophisticated way it handles and manages data, and Oracle’s Creating customer satisfaction while also ensuring a productive workplace for your staff is as easy as installing the Simphony POS and availing of real-time sales reports, next-level security, and a variety of payment methods that makes the transaction process as swift and seamless as possible.

Oracle are constantly improving their software to improve guest experience and make sales and management as easy as possible, all the while keeping at the forefront of the latest trends and innovation in the hospitality industry.

The Simphony POS featured heavily at the first ever Oracle Food and Beverage Connect last February, a three-day customer conference on the sunny beaches of Fort Lauderdale where a whole host of hospitality moguls were invited to come and try out Oracle’s products.

But this isn’t just for the big leagues, because another factor that makes the Simphony POS system an essential piece of hardware and software is the ease at which you can own it.


Our payment plan is a vote of confidence in your business. We put this powerful hardware and software in your hands as easily as we do because we know it will help you succeed and leave you fully capable of fulfilling the payment plan.

But every business is different, so act now and schedule a call-back with us for a more detailed and personalised demonstration as to how the Simphony POS system can revolutionise your service game and keep you miles ahead of the competition.

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