POStech are the Irish Gold Partners for Oracle Micros, a partnership that has been the driving force behind our ability to Install, Configure and Install a range of high-quality point-of-sale and management products for enterprises within the hospitality sector.

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Oracle Simphony Software 

The Oracle Simphony software is a point-of-sale platform and management software designed with both staff and customer in mind. Utilising the latest in cloud technology, Oracle Simphony's sophisticated central management features, offline capabilities, and customer engagement applications allow for a free-flowing and productive service environment in any food and beverage enterprise. So whether you’re managing several large hotels, or one small coffee shop, this platform is the ideal support system.  Oracle Simphony Guide →


Real Time Reporting

Get important stats and figures directly to your mobile.


Orders by Seat

Manage orders with ease and fluidity.

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Maximise Staff Efficiency

Sophisticated technology allows for a more dynamic working environment. 

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Guest Loyalty

Provide a greater service experience for your customers.




Oracle Micros Workstation 6


A powerful point-of-sale and management platform.

  • Unit proven to have a 10 year life span.

  • Environmentally-friendly and conservative on electrical power.

  • Sleek design and easy-to-use.

  • Simple installation.

  • Little to no moving parts.

  • Durable and built for Hospitality.

Micros Workstation 6 Product Guide


Oracle Micros Workstation 310/310R


A mobile point-of-sale device capable of weathering extreme temperatures.

  • Compact 10-inch design and flexible mounting options.

  • Can handle extreme weather temperatures.

  • LAN connectivity, magnetic stripe reader, and customer facing display.

  • Extra features: Wi-Fi, full shift, and 8-hour battery.

  • Perfect for fast bar operation.


Oracle Micros Tablet 720


A mobile point-of-sale device that prioritises speed of service, guest experience, and staff efficiency.

  • Faster service: mobile and user-friendly.

  • Reliable Oracle cloud technology changes your business landscape by freeing up time.

  • Mobile reporting and data access.

  • Rugged and durable design.

  • Non stop quick swap battery for full service with no charging needed.

Micros Tablet 720 Product Guide


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+ Will I be PCI compliant? 

Oracle Hospitality if fully compliant with PCI regulations.

+ Can I see reports when I am on the move?

Absolutely, Oracle Hospitality offers mobile web reporting, providing sales and productivity data.

+ Is my data safe?

Yes, Oracle is among the most trusted systems in the world.

+ Does it have to be cloud-based?

No, should you wish, you can also set our systems to a local server.

+ Can I set access levels?

Yes, you can assign levels of access to different staff as required. 

+ Who uses the system?

Some of the very best in the service and hospitality industry, including; Dalata, Starbucks, Captain America’s, Radisson, and Aramark.