KClub Enhancing the Guest Experience Through POS

POStech are delighted to have been chosen as a the POS partner for their recent upgrade.  POStech have been in partnership with the KClub for over 12 years and our team know the hotel very well.  POStech and the KClub are on first name basis with staff in the Hotel and POStech engineers and ather 12 years of running their POS requirements both the KClub and POStech wanted to see what would fit best for the hotel today.


If you are a guest in the Hotel you will see lovely new workstations 6 units by Oracle that look like they were designed just for the Kclub.  They are sleek, elegant, modern and provide a robust and clean POS offering in this hotel.  The fact that POStech POS systems have worked int he Hotel for more than a decade we know at POStech our system will be there for 10 more year if not more.  The Hotel can sleep easy knowing that the guest will have seamless dining and hospitality experience and will ultimately check out in the morning knowing that our POS system has seamlessly looked after their payments. 


New technologies like Pay at Table exist with the guest being able to pay at the table with the credit card terminals rather than waiting for staff to go back and forward to the till.  Accurate accounting and posting makes this experience better for both guest and staff.   Never a dispute with the most accurate POS system available to the Hotel world from the team at POStech.


We wish the KClub continued success and look forward to servicign their needs for the next decade and well beyond.  Thanks to all involved.

POStech Team