Small Package Wrap (Box of 25)

Small Package Wrap (Box of 25)


Spider product exclusive to InVue and POStech used to secure any high value small item securely perfumes, electrical accessories and any small electronic consumable goods.  Full alaraming and easy to adjust for use with our InVue alarm key the IR3. 


  1. Locking button with visual indicator to ensure Wrap is properly locked

  2. Ratcheting mechanism ensures a tight fit to package

  3. Uses IR3 Key to disarm and unlock.

  4. Small alarm housing minimizes interference with package graphics

  5. Single cable medallion for easy installation

  6. 52" (132 cm) steel cable

InVue’s Small Package Wrap stands alone in the market as the only solution not vulnerable to magnet defeats. Designed for retailers who
want to protect small to medium sized boxed merchandise intended for display on shelves. This compact solution, which cannot be defeated by
magnets, features a low profile design to ensure maximum visibility of the package graphics and information. It also features a twist-to-tighten
design that makes it simple and easy to use. The IR Small Package Wrap utilizes the IR Key and is part of InVue’s exclusive IR Ecosystem™.

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POStech are Ireland’s most trusted supplier of electronic POS systems and retail security devices since 1951. Our quality is time-tested and assured. 

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