How Oracle Changes Business


Whether your place of business is a small café or a large bar and restaurant, the physical landscape of the place is probably burned into your mind. The floors, the walls, the tables and chairs – everything you can see and touch.  You might re-arrange the tables if you need to make some space, or you might paint the walls if you want to lighten the atmosphere. But all of your decisions will ultimately be based on the way you interact with those surroundings.

Oracle changes those interactions forever

A management system that frees up time and creates space for further productivity, Oracle will change the way you work, and in turn change the way your workplace looks and operates. Processing orders and transactions faster will free up tables for waiting customers and free up time for staff, allowing them to keep on top of other duties. The constant journeys from cash register to table are made redundant, giving the physical landscape a more relaxed atmosphere, and time to breathe for everyone inside of it.

Platforms not POS

With the development of cloud the ability to change how a system reports and interacts with management, staff and customer are all now altered to suit the world we live in.  With Oracle cloud systems we are now in a world where the ability to interact with a customers own device and even the humble credit card terminal, to focus on a few, are changed forever. 

Managers and Owners

From the management side having the ability to access the system on the move or having automated reports on staff, stocks, covers, menu management and financials are now available and with Oracle Business Intelligence built-in you have more than ever at your finger tips.  If you have a group of restaurants trying to figure out why one site is booming and another is flagging by applying the lessons from your superstars on menu items and staff best practices centrally could not be easier and will improve them all. The system will tell you all you need to know without you having to interrogate the team.  If you need to change a price its easy just do it once send to all stores at the same time, its seamless. If your site has a problem let the system tell you on the day you don't need to wait for the monthly management meeting fix things allowing you to manage all areas of the business in near real time.

Customers Expect More

Today a customer has a computer in their hand with their own phone and expect a variety of service styles.  Why not let them use their own phone to order ahead from your menu? Is it so bad that they can chose to pay with swipe of a finger or thumb and walk out the door rather than flagging the waitstaff on a busy night and the 15 mins waiting?  Today this is possible with our partners Qkr! using the security of Materpass by Mastercard to ensure safe transfer of funds for other and a better experience.   Our integrated credit card partners can act as full payment POS units with Pay at Table allowing you to pull the check directly to the credit card terminal, split a check, tap and go with the customers receipt done on the spot, no need to run back to the bar.  The omnichannel payment methods from Oracle allow all this to happen and there are many more in the planning.  Whatever the new tech now or in the future Oracle and POStech are ready and you can be sure your system can handle it as the system is always updated in the cloud.

Get in touch as we have so many new things to show you and this blog post will never give you the same experience.  We would be happy to show you all we have to offer in our demo space at POStech HQ and we hope to see you there soon.

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