Selling Tablets, Smartphones and High Value Tech In-Store - A Helpful Guide for Retailers.


InVue have become the final word in anti-theft product security, and though their brand-trusted technology is used far and wide, you may still have some questions as to how their products can help protect your business. So we’ve put together a handy guide for retailers of tablets, smartphones, or any other high value technology – so you know just how Invue can meet your specific needs.

Theft in Ireland has increased by 7% since 2016, meaning there have been 4,988 instances of theft since then. Among the many sectors damaged by this increase in theft has been the retail sector, a sector that has always been vulnerable to high-theft and fraud by its very nature.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to retail managers that any products that are not tightly secured are at immediate risk of theft, and that the utmost importance should be placed on keeping these products safe.

And when it comes to digital hardware, such as the tablets or handheld devices on display by mobile phone retailers or the point-of-sale systems used by pharmacies or restaurants – keeping your technology safe has never been more important.

Whether you’re trying to safely exhibit a product or POS device, safety and flexibility should be at the core of your efforts. These are the areas in which InVue excels.

Keeping Your Merchandise Secure.

Durability is the name of the game. InVue products are industry-leaders when it comes to strength and reliability, and all tablet devices are supported on each product. Leaving products unattended should never be a worry, and the strong anti-theft brackets or fixtures of each InVue solution are intended for maximum security.

Whether it is the secure kiosk technology of the CT150, or the powerful protection of the HS80 – you can display your merchandise with confidence.


Making Sure Your Merchandise is Mobile.

What good is a high-tech security system if it keeps everything tied down? Whether it’s a pharmacy, mobile store, or any other business that requires the use of high value tech - staff need to be able to move around in order to meet the needs of their customers, which is why InVue integrates portability into the design of each product.

The design of the CT80 allows for rapid mobility with its adjustable fixed stand, whereas the CT150 uses a game-changing electronic security lock feature for removal and locking. So you can safely demonstrate the capabilities of your merchandise from anywhere in the shop.

Keeping Your Merchandise Visible.

Security is vital, but overbearing security fixtures can be off-putting and an eyesore to any browsing customers. What’s the point in keeping merchandise safe if its security device makes it look unappealing? InVue products are as subtle as they are powerful, and they blend in aesthetically with the technology they’re designed to protect.

Keeping Your Merchandise Charged.

If InVue wasn’t already complimentary to tablet technology enough, each InVue solution comes with integrated charging capabilities for every kind of tablet – meaning that your merchandise is always charged and at-the-ready for use by staff and customers alike.

Why InVue?

Many of Ireland’s top brands are choosing InVue’s sophisticated anti-theft solutions to protect their products, one of which is Virgin Mobile.

Dealing in tablet technology can be a tricky business with regards to protection, which is why Virgin Mobile chose InVue to protect their merchandise. Virgin Mobile required a solution to keep their tablet display technology safe while retaining mobility so as to allow customers to browse through their electronic catalogue from anywhere in the shop.


Coupling powerful protection, an electronic key for easy removal and locking, and an integrated charging system for all tablets - the CT100 was the perfect choice for Virgin Mobile, which is exactly why they chose it.

Security technology is changing with the trends, and InVue products reflect and anticipate those trends. So whether you’re a retailer dealing in tablets or smartphones, or simply need a safe and secure solution for your display technology – how do you think InVue could impact your business?

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