InVue Security Products 

InVue solutions offer a range of products designed for maximum security and ease of use. Mobility, simplicity, and customer experience are important to Invue’s philosophy, and this is evident in the high-quality security and anti-theft products they produce for the retail industry.  Invue protects without distracting from your merchandise.


Durable and purpose built.


Secure any tech device


Continuous charging of the devices.


Elegant ascetic designs.

InVue CT 100.jpg

InVue CT100

The CT 100 is a perfect solution for any business that:

  • Uses self service kiosks, information centres, customer service centres.
  • Needs quick access information, inventory and order tracking.
  • Has a mobile work force.
  • Requires simple point-of-sale and digital displays.
  • Requires an easy nightly lock up capability.
  • Easily rotates between portrait and landscape.

InVue CT150

With integrated charging and no exposed cables, your tablets work 24/7

  • Can be left unattended: perfect for a self-serve kiosk.

  • Integrated tablet charging with no exposed cables when docked.

  • Electronic key for easy removal and locking.

  • Supports all tablet operating systems.

InVue Ct 80.jpg

Invue CT80

A portable all-in-one kiosk and mobile POS solution that supports all tablets.

  • Integrated charging capabilities.

  • All tablet sizes and types are supported.

  • Rapid mobility: go from a fixed stand to mobile in seconds.

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Invue HS80

InVue Hs80.jpg

An optimal high theft solution that supports all tablets.

  • Powerful protection: steel base for study anchoring.

  • Fully adjustable brackets for flexibility.

  • Use device’s original power supply.

  • Easy rotation.


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