Why You Should Empower your Customers with QKR! by Masterpass

The digital age has posed many challenges and offered many benefits to businesses over the last number of years, while also putting more power into the hands of the customer. Social media and smartphone technology have created a more engaging environment for the customer, allowing them to write reviews, contact businesses, order products online – and even order their food with a few swipes of their smartphone.

The QKR! with Masterpass app puts power and convenience into the hands of the customer. By allowing them the freedom to order and pay directly from the smartphone, without ever having to leave their table, QKR! With Masterpass allows for a stress-free experience for both customer and staff.


Empowering your customers with QKR! Masterpass means:

  • They are given a unique experience every time they visit your business.
  • They will feel more in control of their experience.
  • They can split the bill easily and without stress.
  • Time is freed up for both staff and customer alike.

And finally, empowering your customer in this way will ensure an experience that they’ll recommend to others.

Are you ready to put the power in your customer’s hands?

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