Used by the most successful larger spa operators such as day, destination and hotel spas, premier spa+ covers all aspects of running your business from scheduling the most complex of packages and managing memberships to planning direct marketing campaigns. premier spa+ is a single complete package that is designed to revolutionise all of your business operations. 

premier spa+ interfaces seamlessly with the leading hotel reservation systems both domestically and internationally.


MgrReportpremier spa+ has the most sophisticated scheduling system available. Group reservations can be effortlessly made allowing for guests stays to be planned with optimum efficiency. Gift vouchers are logged at time of purchase and automatically tracked when redeemed. The built in point of sale automates stock control and course management in one seamless process,updating client records with each transaction. premier spa+ alsointerfaces to numerous Property Management Systems giving you the option of charging client bills to their rooms


MgrReportClient relationship management is vital in today’s competitive marketplace. In order to provide a first class service, clients need to be treated as individuals.Up to date information gives you the power to make all communications with your clients, such as direct mail shots and other promotional activities, accurately timed and targeted, also, client histories and purchase patterns can be easily accessed serving to maximise your levels of customer care


MgrReportpremier spa+ has an innovative design making it totally configurable with your business requirements - every aspect of the system can be customised to suit your exact needs. From the type of packages and memberships you offer, to all of the retail, mail order and gift voucher analysis you require, premier spa+ will accommodate your business demands.

back office reservations

  • sophisticated scheduling
  • group activity scheduling
  • mail order processing
  • gift voucher tracking
  • enquiry logging
  • bulk email facility

reception desk

  • treatment scheduling
  • client records
  • point of sale
  • stock control
  • membership validation
  • waiting lists

management operations

  • extensive CRM Capabilities
  • course & package management
  • stock management
  • managerial reports & analysis
  • membership administration
  • multi lingual

optional software

  • postcode validation
  • digital imaging
  • card payment processing
  • property management
  • system interface
  • access control


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MICROS is the only full systems solutions provider for all market segments with a global distribution and service network in place for major chains, regional chains, local independents, table service.


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Premier Software

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Premier's software packages cover every aspect of running a spa or salon, from front desk duties to sophisticated back office management systems - be it updating client records or managing stock levels.